Electronic Battery Toy Instrumental for boys and girls

Electronic Battery Toy Instrumental for boys and girls

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We bring you this great gift, this electronic drum set to play and learn to play different rhythms. It is totally flexible and manoeuvrable, of small weight and great opportunities. You can have it on the desktop and save it anywhere when you do not use it thanks to its rubber construction.

You will promote the musical interest and sense of rhythm to the little ones of the house or simply provide them with hours of entertainment and fun.

It incorporates all the parts in which a battery (box, bass drum, toms and cymbals) is distributed along with the corresponding wooden drumsticks.

You need a speaker to be able to play or connect headphones to your 3.5mm output, so you can enjoy the rhythms that you create.

Available with pre-recorded melodies and connection to mp3 player.

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